My Review of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

So, I decided to read this book after chatting to some of my colleagues at the library about good YA fiction books. It was released in 2016 and is written by the brilliant Benjamin Alire Sáenz. One of my colleagues Carolina shoved this book in my hand and told me that this book was amazing. As soon as I got home I started reading it and ended up devouring this book in less that 24 hours.

What can I say? This book is so good that I just cannot bear to return it back to the library. I rarely like re-reading books but I cannot wait to delve back into moments of this amazing book. Aristotle and Dante are such multi-faceted, fearless and amazing characters – I fell in love with them instantly. Watching as their friendship blossoms and grows throughout the book was beautiful and at moments I was close to tears.

A book has not touched me as much as this since reading “A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara in 2016. I resonated so much with the main character Aristotle Mendoza, it felt as if some of the doubts, fears and feelings I struggle with were voiced through him. One of my favourite lines was:

“I wasn’t big on family gatherings. Too many many intimate strangers.”

This seems to sum up some of my feelings about meeting with family – especially since I come from a big one.

Definitely worth a read, and it is definitely one of the best books I have ever read.

P.S. I have all the feels as apparently the author is currently writing a sequel! Let’s hope its out soon!

Treating myself to an Italian breakfast

I didn’t start work until 10.30am today so I treated myself to an italian breakfast at a local café. I had a large ginseng and a chocolate croissant! Yum! I sat on the terrace and had this whilst I read my ebook (I’m currently reading “The Next Together” by Lauren James)

Taking buses in Italy!

So, yesterday I took my first bus in Italy!! During my time with ACLE I took lots of trains but never a bus. Luckily, I had the help of my lovely friend Katie to guide me through the process!

The strange thing about it was that we had to use one of those tabaccheria kiosks to buy a ticket (you can’t buy one on the bus) and it came looking like this:

I thought we had accidentally bought cigarettes but no the tickets were inside

I thought that was a very Italian way of packaging bus tickets haha (very extra, they are obsessed with excessive packaging here).

Sagre e Feste Italiane

I am just back from another sagra/festa with my host family in Gussago. I absolutely love these food festivals in Italy. My first experience was in Marradi, Florence when I went to a Sagra di Chinghiale (Wild Boar) and tried Bis (a type of pasta) and it was lovely. The atmosphere is lovely and everyone eats together outside and there is usually music.

Why don’t we have this in the UK?

I first tried this on the plane to Italy in August and was so surprised as to why the orange juice I ordered was red?! I soon found out that it is blood orange juice, and it tastes amazing. I honestly cannot believe that it is not so widely spread in the UK! The oranges that you get in Italy are amazing, and I can certainly taste the difference – from their juices to their Fanta made in Italy. IMG_4470.JPG

Gelato flavours I have tried so far…

– Cookies

– Strawberry Cheesecake

– Pistacchio

– Cassata Siciliana

– Fragola

– Melone

– Mango

– Gianduia

– Stracciatella

– Frutti del bosco

– Crema

– Fiordilatte

– Yoghurt

Strambino, Torino

Saló, Lagho di Garda

Remedello, Brescia

Marradi, Firenze

Arcore, Milano

I hope to try many more…(the smurf ones looks particularly interesting).